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Growth Hacking & Branding

Growth Hacking through SEO | Hyper-Scaling Ad Campaigns | Branding & Reputation

Unlike traditional organizations, we don’t accept growth rates of 10-20% a year. A typical company we work on will achieve growth rates in the range of 1000-5000% a year. Using our proprietary strategies, we believe that every company in any industry can be grown at huge paces, only limited by our creativity, imagination and execution.

Investment & Uncovering Opportunities

Investing in Valued Partners | Identifying Industries & Market Research | Exclusive Partnerships

We have developed specific processes that enable us to spot opportunities in different industries ripe for disruption through e-commerce. By leveraging on our expertise to scale companies rapidly, we form exclusive partnerships with key players to achieve a common vision. We are also always on the look out to invest in companies that have a synergy with our operations.

Operations & Logistics

Operation Support | Logistical Synergy | In-House Expertise

We understand the difficulties that most companies face when it comes to logistics and delivery. We have a deep focus on creating logistical networks and expertise to enable us to support our businesses as they grow exponentially. By leveraging on our extensive network and experience in operations and logistics, we help companies scale locally and regionally.

Market Leading Companies in Multiple Industries

With a combined 8-figure revenue in multiple industries achieved in less than 2 years, we take pride in being able to achieve some of the biggest revenues of e-commerce companies in Singapore in the shortest time.

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